A new concept of rural lodging, in the vicinity of a legal reserve with more than 100 hectares, totally preserved, at the foot of the Serra São José.

Special rates
For groups of friends and family, temporary stays, meetings and events

Hosting with sustainability
Environmental preservation areas, trails and hikes

Leisure & Health
Natural and artificial pools, sauna and fitness room

Culture & Gastronomy
Library, reading room and wine cellar

Cookery workshops and dining hall upon reservation and prior tariff consultation

Family & Groups, Vacation Rentals, Events / Meetings

• Double suites with or without extra beds
• Double chalets with or without extra beds
• Master Houses and Chalets for families and groups
• Double suites integrated in the same environment

Note: all complete with bath, air conditioning,
internet and minibar.

Calçada São José Eco-Residence offers excellent options for hosting groups of friends or family. There are 4 units with close suites, integrated in the same environment and served by kitchens equipped for gastronomic workshops. For groups of up to 17 people. Consult special rates.

Calçada São José resting place has 15 suites with different characteristics, all of them with excellent comfort standard.
A delicious place to leisure and relaxing, exclusive to the guests from Calçada São José resting place.
Kitchens, culinary workshop, dining rooms and cafe for guests to prepare and serve their own meals. Subject to prior reservation and tariff consultation.servir suas próprias refeições. Sob reserva prévia e consulta de tarifas.

Natural Collection

The Serra de São José

Tourism in Tiradentes

Throughout the year, Tiradentes is animated by a program of cultural events of a religious and profane, artistic, sports and gastronomic nature. Check here the events planned for this year. Until the pandemic situation in Brazil stabilizes, this schedule of events will be subject to changes and cancellations. To confirm, see the Tiradentes City Hall website: www.tiradentes.mg.gov.br.